Magical Siberia and Altai

Whenever you hear the word ‘Siberia’ something tough and frightening comes to mind, as a heritage of tsar time exiles and Stalin gulags. But nowadays Siberia is nothing like that. It is an endless resource of exploration for adventure travelers and nature lovers. Siberia has a total area of 13 million (5 mln sq.mi) and is extremely veried. Everything is tremendous here: the Ob’, the Irtysh, the Enisei, the Angara, and the Lena Rivers, the Altai and Sayan Mountain Ranges, Lake Baikal and Lake Teletskoye.

No doubt that the gem of eastern Siberia is Lake Baikal, which contains approximately a fourth of the world reserves of fresh water. We invite you to explore this fantastic region with our local experts. Siberia is an immense region and thus we offer several tour itineraries for both adventure lovers and leasure travelers.
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