Silver Ring

Silver Ring of Russia: Novgorod Velikiy and Pskov.

Cities of Velikiy Novgorod and Pskov in the northwest offer decent rivalry to the Golden Ring and thus with time were ranked as ‘Silver Ring’ of Russia. Velikiy Novgorod (usually shortened to Novgorod) is a proud and beautiful city, billed as the 'Birthplace of Russia'. It was here, in 862, that Prince Rurik proclaimed the modern Russian state—the Rurik dynasty went on to rule Russia for more than 750 years. The ancient settlement was a major centre for trade, literacy, democracy and the spread of Orthodoxy; its glorious Cathedral of St Sophia is the oldest church in Russia. 

Straddling the Volkhov River, this attractive, tourist- friendly destination is a popular weekend getaway for St Petersburg residents. Next to Novgorod there is church-studded Pskov, dominated by its mighty riverside kremlin, an enormous bulwark that has faced up to its fair share of invading armies down the centuries, and one of the most sacred places in Russia—Pechory monastery. Visit to the cities of the Silver Ring is usually combined with visit to St.Petersburg.
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Private tour
  • 8 days
  • 5 cities
This tour allows you to explore not only the northern capital of Russian - St.Petersburg, but also the ancient cities of Silver Ring - Novgorod Velikiy and Pskov.
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