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Our clients’ testimonials

01 September, 10:53
Anita Kepets
As an american, coming to a country that potentially ( "politically") maybe problematic, That is in addition to the language barrier - Written as well as spoken - we felt we needed holding hands. Keep in mind, that Russian is the spoken language - little to no English - particularly outside of Moscow or St Petersburg, Street signs, transportation Signs, directions are mostly in Russian with that "funny letters" Tatiana in Moscow, Lillya in the golden Ring, and the rest of the trip St Petersburg and around were our guiding angles - making the trip effortless, stressless, enjoyable, informative, seamless the perfect group to hold one's hand. From an airport pickup with delays due to lost luggage, to help in retrieving the luggage, to suggestions as far as restaurants, to booking cabs for after hour dinners - they were there without being asked. All was arranged, with drivers, and guides, and cutting the lines at museums, and churches with escorted visits full of knowledge and information. The only way to do Russia. Can not say enough about the professionalism, the quality, the friendliness, the good will, the attitude. all were as expected and much much much more. While I indicated and outlined highlights for the trip before hand, Lillya and her co workers too care of the rest, we change, and tweaked several times all were done immediately, efficiently, and with us in mind. While Lillia put it together and were there for us Much of the time - special Shout out & thanks go to Tatiana & Alexi in Moscow, Maxim, Pavel, & Michael in St Petersburg So for a stress free, visit on your own without the hassle of the groups and the busses - give them a chance to show you what they can do. You will not be disappointed.
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