Trans-Siberian Express Adventure

Whenever you hear the word ‘Siberia’ something tough and frightening comes to mind, as a heritage of tsar time exiles and Stalin gulags. But nowadays Siberia is nothing like that. It is an endless resource of exploration for adventure travelers and nature lovers. Siberia has a total area of 13 million (5 mln sq.mi) and is extremely veried. Everything is tremendous here: the Ob’, the Irtysh, the Enisei, the Angara, and the Lena Rivers, the Altai and Sayan Mountain Ranges, Lake Baikal and Lake Teletskoye. The main part of the Trans-Siberian Railway, which was built at a turn of the 20th century and has a length of 9 289 km (5772 mi), runs through Siberia. 

Imagine trying to cover ground across Russia far west to far east—a crazy thought, huh? The solution is: get on the Trans-Siberian with us and watch this immense land glide by through the window of a luxury train. After visiting the historic sights of Moscow, take the train through the Ural Mountains (and cross into Asia!) to Yekaterinburg, before heading to the heart of Siberia in Irkutsk and Lake Baikal. Learn about Buryat culture in Ulan-Ude before heading to the coast in Vladivostok. The whole trip covers 9,300 km (5,778 mi) and crosses seven time zones. This trip is the definition of epic! private tours a fully-customizable. For more information please contact us at