Karelia private and small group tours

Karelia is a region located in the north-western part of Russia. The capital of Karelia Petrozavodsk is situated on the shore of Lake Onega. Karelia is a land with over 60000 blue lakes and 27000 rivers full of valuable kinds of fish, green forests, rocks and high hills. The countryside and the climate of Karelia are influenced by the largest freshwater European reservoirs—Lakes Onega and Ladoga together with the salt-water body of the Arctic White Sea. Over 5 percent of the area here is declared national parks and nature reserves. 

Unique landscapes, peculiar flora and fauna together with rich culture and history make this region more and more attractive for tourists, especially for adventure lovers. Here you can visit the world-famous island of Kizhi with its wooden churches built without a single nail, and Valaam-an isolated island monastery.
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Private tour
  • 5 days
  • 3 cities
Discover one of the most scenic regions in the north-west of Russia.
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