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Kazan is a thriving city situated on the Volga river and the capital of Tatar republic, one of the richest republics in Russia. Here the geographical and cultural aspects of both Europe and Asia come together. Kazan’s historical center features magnificent buildings in varied architectural styles, where mansions in modernist style coexist with Baroque monuments. The Kazan Kremlin is the central historic citadel of the city. It was built by the order of tsar Ivan the Terrible on the ruins of the castle of Kazan khans. 

The architectural ensemble of the Kazan kremlin is well known for its many ancient buildings, the oldest of which is the Annunciation Cathedral, the 16th century Russian Orthodox church, stands next to the Qolsharif Mosque, another top landmark of Kazan’s architectural landscape. Kazan is a favourite venue for international events and in 2013 hosted the Universiade—a multi-sport event organized for university athletes by the International University Sports Federation. 
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Small group tour
  • 5 days
  • 1 city
Discover the city of Kazan that we call the third Russian capital, where muslim and Russian orthodox cultures co-exist peacefully, where there you will city old city Kremlin and the ancient city of Bulgar.
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